0012: Have Confidence Boosters in your Back Pocket

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Every day may not be good. Sometimes when you get stuck, nothing works as expected, your morale and self-confidence may get low.

It could happen to everybody, and it is completely fine. You should not, however, stay in this state for too long. To bounce back you should know what works for you. One such thing could be confidence boosters.

Confidence Booster

Confidence booster is a small task, where you have a good understanding of the problem, it is straightforward, and you can finish it in few minutes. By finishing it, you get a feeling of accomplishment, that you can still finish your tasks. This gives you new energy to finish your original task with which you have struggled.


This approach has several pitfalls. By working on some completely new unrelated task you may be prolonging the time required to finish the original task. To reduce that always time box yourself, so you do not spend a whole day on it. Another pitfall is that this could lead to some very long discussions because of the bike-shed effect. Be prepared for this and be prepared to abandon this task.

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